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Product Facts

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Cold can affect the flexibility of resin. Allow item to come to room temperature slowly, or warm it with a hair dryer, careful not to overheat. This will allow some of the flexibility to return. Shipping items in cold compartments on airplanes DOES IMPACT FLEXIBILITY! not responsible for mishandling of model or breakage.  Paint Services

 Note: Images in most cases are rendered in 3D software.  Professional painting services are available by customizers. If you would like a referral to an artist, please contact me and I can provide a list of artists. 


 Most models must be supported for printing. This can allow for small artifacts on the model that can either be sanded or filled with primer. Post-Print processing is part of the customization detail work. I make every effort to obscure the support artifacts in areas that are not visible. 

Ordering Information

Made to Order

Top selling items are carried in inventory and can often ship  quicker than large and rare item orders. 

Most items are made to order. 

Monday - Thursday after work, I design new models.

Friday-Sunday I prep orders for shipping

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Preparation & Shipping


Shipping lead time requires 3-10 days. Most orders are cleared weekly. To save time, I mass print all orders and shipping labels in batches; orders can take up to 72 hours before picked up by the postal carrier.

Note: Special Orders & Painting Service results in longer than standard ship times. 

Satisfaction Guarantee

While I am unable to make everyone happy with shipping norms. There will be times when shipping exceeds normal timelines.

I decided to share my craft and models, and have had great success. I prep 100-150 packages a week and am only one person. I have a full time job and family so please be patient. In the end you will be pleased with your purchase. 

I always make sure the end result is something that makes you happy.


Copyrights & Trademarks


This product is in no way affiliated with any licensed product. This kit contains accessories to be used at your discretion to modify or alter an existing figure or to create something new that may or may not resemble fictional characters.

You are paying for Time  & Materials; I do not sell counterfeited figures, only accessories and kits.  

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